Asoka Full Movie HD 1080p in Hindi Download

Asoka Full Movie HD 1080p in Hindi Download is an Indian Bollywood movie that is based on historical drama. The Great Ashoka film is co-written by Santosh Sivan. The purpose of this movie is to highlight the early life of emperor Asoka.


Asoka Full Movie HD 1080p in Hindi Download

Asoka Full Movie HD 1080p in Hindi Download Cast


Actors & Actresses

Shah Rukh Khan – performed the role of Ashoka Maurya

Kareena Kapoor – she became a princess Kaurwaki

Rahul Dev – Performed the role of Bheem

Danny Dezongpa – performed a job of Virat

Sooraj Balaji – as Princes Arya

Johnny Lever, Raghuvir Yadav & Suresh Menon – they performed the job of Maurya Soldiers

Vineet Sharma and Vivek Sharma – as Sugatra and Sugidha respectively

Hrishita Bhatt – she is the first wife of Ashoka named Maharani Devi



Santosh Sivan



Gauri Khan & Juhi Chawla


Screenplay by

Santosh Sivan

Saket Chaudhary


Story Writer

Santosh Sivan



Anu Malik

Sandeep Chowta



Sreekar Prasad



Dreamz Unlimited


Released on

26 October 2001


Film Duration

2 hour & 56 minutes (In India)

2 hour & 25 minutes (Internationally)






125 Million Rupees


Full Movie Information


Movie Rating: 8/10

Language: Hindi

Size: 500MB

Country: India but also watchable internationally

Quality: HD & 720p


Asoka Full Movie HD 1080p in Hindi Download


Asoka The Great Movie Synopsis

The writer added the early part of Ashoka’s life beginning with his career from the general in Taxila (modern-day Pakistan) to bloody consequent of the Kalinga (modern-day Odisha State). The father of Ashoka decided to give the throne of the empire to his son Ashoka. The former emperor explains that the sword is evil and wants blood and destruction. There is also a fight between two brothers (Ashoka and his half-brother) for the throne of the empire.


Asoka The Great Movie Review

If you like to know about historical accidents or have an interest in history, then you can watch this movie. If you are not interested in history, this film will irritate you. The places are looking nice that fits the historical places. Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor did their jobs quite well. The songs are heart touching. The graphics and cinematography are good and overall this movie deserves 8 ratings out of 10.


Public Reviews


Reviewed BySunil Kumar

I really appreciate this movie because we can understand the life of Ashoka in terms of movie. Moreover, I love to read history books and visit historical places. I suggest everyone should watch Asoka the great movie once.

Reviewed ByKapil Sharma

I was fallen in the story of Asoka Movie. There are some mistakes in the movie but its fine. If I conclude, I am very thankful to the movie writers who wrote such a great movie for us.

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